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Used RV Inventory 1-9 of 9 for Toronto (Bolton), Ontario

YearModelID #KMSPriceLoc 
201323AY51314150,898$27,985Toronto (Bolton), ONSelectS YYZ
201423AY51423173,602$31,485Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51520174,603$31,485Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51521172,197$31,485Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51525167,513$31,985Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51478169,012$31,985Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51441164,459$32,485Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51510162,384$32,485Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ
201423AY51489159,728$32,985Toronto (Bolton), ONSelect  YYZ

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For RV sales in Ontario that will completely blow your socks off, visit the Cruise Canada RV dealer in Toronto. We can set you up in a top-quality late model used motorhome at a very affordable price.

Most people recognize the name of Cruise Canada for our rental RVs; after all, we are the largest RV rental establishment in North America. However, many don't know that we also sell our used RVs to the public, at incredible deals.

Our fleet of high quality class C RVs is continually rotated and replenished. This means that when we purchase new units to add to our inventory, we get rid of enough of the used ones to make room, even though they are in incredibly good condition. We offer up these units at prices that are incomparable to any other dealers. There is nothing wrong with them. As a matter of fact, we are so confident in their performance, that we include a 12-month/18,000-kilometer limited warranty with every purchase. In addition, we offer an extended service warranty. Now that's confidence!

Each time we transfer a unit from our rental division to our sales division, our skilled RV technicians go to work making it ready for our sales lot. They do this by going over it with a fine toothcomb to assure that there is nothing that would be considered a flaw, or a mechanical problem. From the exterior to the interior to under the hood, we renovate the unit and take it back to its like-new condition. We even restore the exterior finish to the finish that it had when it left the manufacturer. We want to be sure that whoever purchases the renovated RV is completely happy with it for years to come.

The Cruise Canada RVs are manufactured by Four Winds to meet our rigid specifications. They are made incredibly durable to withstand the constant traveling from renter to renter, and still stay in good working order.

There are several benefits to buying a used RV from Cruise Canada as opposed to getting it from another dealer or private party. With Cruise America, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that the RV was regularly serviced and maintained throughout its rental life. Each time a unit comes back from being rented, it's cleaned, sanitized and serviced, so that the next party to rent it feels like they're in a well-running coach that they can drive with confidence.

There are advantages to purchasing a used RV over a new one that many people are unaware of until it's too late. For instance, a new RV is much more expensive to insure than a used one. The savings on insurance alone is enough to convince most buyers of this benefit. Another financial advantage to buying a used RV is the fact that once you drive a new motorhome off the lot, it goes from being new to used in a matter of minutes. This creates a large depreciation of value, sometimes as much as 30% from the original cost. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the fact that you can save several thousands of dollars when you purchase one of our used RVs. We have already gleaned our profit from renting the unit; we are not looking to make a fat profit on the sale of it. Instead, we pass the savings on to you, the customer.

If you have not experienced traveling in an RV, we are more than happy to rent you one so you can see how you like it. We are betting that you'll love it. If you do rent one and decide that the RV lifestyle is for you, we will refund the amount of your time and mileage rental fees up to $3000 towards the purchase of one of our units for sale. This way you can't lose, and you can get a feel for which size unit best fits the needs of your family or travel party.

Most people who use a motorhome to travel appreciate the fact that they can pack up, climb in and go whenever they want to escape the stress of everyday life. There are no airline tickets to buy, no airport security lines and no delayed and cancelled flights. And because of the ample cargo room, they can easily fit as many suitcases in as they feel they need. They also love the fact that they no longer have to deal with finding hotels and renting multiple rooms to accommodate their family. They can usually park their RV right at, or close to, the destination they are heading to, rather than trying to find vacant rooms in a nearby town or location. There are no wait times to check in, nor are there mandatory checkout times.

When you own or rent an RV, you don't need to rent a car to get around. Our class C models are practically as easy to maneuver in and out of congested situations as a regular family car. As you roll down the road, the kids don't tend to get antsy like they do in a regular car. That's because they have room to stretch out and enjoy the ride in style, playing video games, cards or enjoying the beautiful scenery that usually comes with a trip in a motorhome.

If you really enjoy eating out for every meal, you can do that, but it sure gets expensive with a family. Each Cruise Canada used RV comes with a complete kitchen so that you can cook your own meals if that's what you want to do. There is ample room to bring your barbeque along so you can do some outdoor cooking as well. For some reason, it seems that food just always seems to taste better when you're camping.

Experience the joy of owning your own motorhome by purchasing an affordable, high quality used motorhome from our Toronto sales center. You can take a look online to see just what we have available on any given day.

Own a motor home and enjoy more time on the road with friends and family. Visit our Toronto RV dealer and view our motorhome sales inventory today.

12275 Highway 50
Bolton, Ontario, L7E5R9