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    Suresh Perera

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    Darcy Dueck

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Used RV Inventory 1-18 of 18 for Vancouver (Delta), British Columbia

YearModelID #KMSPriceLoc 
201223AY51354160,469$26,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201223AY51355160,115$26,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201223AY51379160,574$26,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201223AY51361159,342$27,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201223AY51362154,605$27,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201228AY30604167,456$29,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51517175,439$30,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51504170,166$31,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51531169,036$31,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51524169,644$31,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51493168,265$31,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51450167,026$31,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51408165,344$31,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51422162,741$32,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51403161,590$32,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51476161,405$32,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51527162,881$32,485Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR
201323AY51426158,401$32,985Vancouver (Delta), BCSelect  YVR

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RV sales in British Columbia is a big business. Thousands of people are busy shopping for a good, used motorhome right this minute. Perhaps this is because Vancouver is known throughout the world for its terrific restaurants, architecture and diverse cultural makeup. Locals also enjoy traveling to many neighboring outdoor attractions including remarkable campgrounds, beaches providing spectacular Pacific Ocean views and Whistler, a snowboarder's paradise. Cruise Canada in Vancouver offers a number of motorhomes for sale that would be perfect for touring British Columbia, or anywhere else you choose to travel.

One of the great things about purchasing an RV is shopping for the right one. Fortunately for those living in the area of British Columbia, there is a Cruise Canada sales center located right here in Vancouver, ready to set you up with the class C motorhome that's just right for you.

Typically, when Canadians hear the name Cruise Canada, they think of RV rentals, which is exactly what we are famous for. However, we don't just rent top-quality RVs, we sell them, too! Each time we make a purchase of new RVs to add to our already extensive inventory, we must make room for them. In order to do this, we sell some of the RVs that we currently have in stock. These units are in incredible condition because after each rental, our skilled RV mechanics service them, making sure that they go back out in great shape. Before one of these units is sold, our technicians go over the entire vehicle with a fine toothcomb, making sure that everything is in like-new condition on the inside, the exterior and under the hood. We want to be certain that when a customer buys one of these class C coaches, they are completely happy with their purchase.

Not only are our customers ecstatic because their newly purchased RV is in such good condition, they are thrilled because they saved thousands and thousands of dollars purchasing from Cruise Canada rather than buying a similar used RV elsewhere. Honestly, each RV that we sell has already served its purpose, so we are not looking to make profits on the sales of the units; we pass the savings on to you, the customer.

There are some shoppers who feel like they want to purchase a brand new RV. That's understandable, until you start to do some figuring of how much you can save by buying a used one instead. When you drive a brand new RV off the dealer's lot, there is an instant depreciation that occurs, lowering the value of your coach by about 33%. Then there is the time you will spend at the shop, as all of the "new RV bugs" are worked out, which can take up to a year. You will also be paying a substantially higher insurance premium with a new RV than you would with a new one. Cruise Canada is so confident about the condition of their used RVs, they offer an extended service plan on them. Really, about the only thing you get with a brand new RV that you don't with a used one is that "new car" smell!

The used RVs that we sell at Cruise Canada are manufactured at Four Winds, in compliance with our rigid requirements and specifications. If you should rent an RV from Cruise Canada, and decide that you'd like to purchase one, we will rebate up to $3,000 of your time and mileage rental charges. This offer is extended for up to six months after your original rental, so you have time to think about it.

Once you make the purchase of your Cruise Canada used RV, you're ready to hit the road. Vancouver is a great starting place for an RV adventure. It's renowned for its scenic beauty and unlimited opportunities for outdoor adventure. In the city itself, there are a host of urban amenities, such as fine dining, intriguing and educational museums, shopping galore, music, galleries and theater.

For a little adult time, you can jump into the nightclub scene, or experience different cultures by wandering into the ethnic enclaves. Take your family to the many attractions related to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and participate in the many associated activities. Take a stroll through the city's urban wilderness at Stanley Park. Explore the surrounding area by cruising one of the many beautiful driving routes.

One of the magnificent things about traveling in your own RV is that you have nobody's schedule to follow but your own. There is no need for airplane tickets and airport hassles. You don't need to search for multiple hotel rooms to accommodate your entire family, and you needn't worry about checking out by any certain time. No more restroom stops in dirty gas station bathrooms, and eating in is an option with the full kitchen amenities that come with every unit we sell.

There is no better way to travel than in the comfort of your own, rolling home. The kids are not ever bored, as they can stretch out and play games whenever they wish. Each RV is like having tickets on the 50-yardline to the beauty of the countryside. The sleeping quarters are spacious and comfortable, and what's better than falling asleep to the quiet sounds of the outdoors, whether it's the ocean waves rolling in, or the steady chirping of crickets and the breeze blowing through the cool pine trees.

Visit the RV sales center in Vancouver today and view our inventory, or go online to see what we have available in your area. You can shop all you want, but we can assure you that you will not find deals on used motorhomes like we can offer you. You can be certain that each of our units has been well maintained throughout its life with Cruise Canada. So let's get Cruising, Canada!

7731 Vantage Way
Delta, British Columbia, V4G1A6