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    Calgary, Alberta, T1Y6R7

    Chaminda Pillawe

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    Steve Belzner

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-24 of 24 for Calgary, Alberta

YearModelID #KMSPriceLoc 
201323AY51310164,112$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51328160,804$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51338162,120$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51341161,266$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51367164,622$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51374163,089$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51387164,064$26,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51381155,229$27,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51346158,035$27,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51329156,265$27,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51330158,288$27,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51352152,376$27,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51348143,178$28,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201323AY51373144,556$28,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51523181,340$30,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51528174,798$31,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51473172,597$31,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51420168,818$31,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51440167,067$31,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51457163,228$32,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51497164,400$32,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51516162,090$32,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51518163,427$32,485Calgary, ABSelect  YYC
201423AY51406159,692$32,985Calgary, ABSelect  YYC

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If you're in the market for a new RV, you've probably noticed that RV sales in Alberta is a big business. There are dozens of places where you can find used RVs, and even more private parties selling them. We're going to let you in on a fact that you may not know. It will be great news if you're in the market for a high quality, used RV. Cruise Canada sells their used motorhomes at the sales center located in Calgary! That's right, and these RVs are not of any average quality; these are Cruise Canada rental RVs that have served their purpose and are being replaced by new inventory coming in to join the fleet.

The beauty of purchasing a class C RV from Cruise Canada is:

*Each of our coaches is constructed to our rigid specifications by Four Winds. They are sturdy, top-of-the-line motorhomes that have been custom-made for us. We order special durability features, making them practically "bullet proof" so that they can endure the use that a typical renter puts them through.

*Every one of our units is meticulously maintained, going through a strict examination, cleaning and sanitization before it goes out again. We want each of our customers to feel like they are the first travelers to rent the RV.

*Unlike purchasing from any other dealer, or a private party, you know that a Cruise Canada RV has been serviced and treated with kid gloves since it was manufactured. You needn't worry that it may be a salvage unit, or that it has been neglected of proper care.

*We guarantee the condition of our used RVs. Each one comes with a limited 12-month/18,000-kilometer limited powertrain warranty, as well as an optional extended service warranty. This speaks volumes for how confident we are that our used motorhomes will provide years and years of enjoyment for our customers.

*Lastly, and very importantly, we offer these great motorhomes for a fraction of the price that you'd find anywhere else. Our customers save thousands of dollars by purchasing an RV from our available sales fleet.

When Cruise Canada purchases new motorhomes to add to their fleet, they must make room by selling some of their used RVs. There is nothing wrong with them; we just need to keep rotating our inventory. Each time one of these units becomes available, our talented RV technicians go to work renovating the used coach, bringing it up to "like new" condition. This isn't a difficult task, as the units are in excellent condition before they even get started. They start with the exterior, bringing it back to its original manufacturer's finish, then work their way into the interior, and then under the hood. All of the components and appliances are in good working order. We maintain a very high standard on every product we put out there, because it will always be a Cruise Canada RV, and we are known for our quality.

When someone purchases a brand new RV off the lot, they are met with a few challenges that they may not be prepared for. For instance, there is a great deal of work to be done on the unit before all of the "bugs" are worked out. Many frustrating hours are spent in the shop during the first year of ownership. Another disadvantage to buying new is that the insurance is so much higher than it would be if you purchased a used RV. In addition, the minute you drive your new RV off the lot, it becomes a used RV, and the value drops considerably in a matter of minutes. Really, the only thing you get with a new RV that you don't with a Cruise Canada used RV is the "new car" smell that comes along with it … that's an expensive fragrance, and it doesn't last long!

Should anyone want to put the RV lifestyle to the test before making a purchase, they can always rent a motorhome from Cruise Canada. It's a sure deal that you will find this mode of travel to be the most convenient, relaxing way to enjoy time with your family. Should you decide to buy one of our used units, we will reimburse the time and mileage dollars you spent on your rental (up to $3000) towards the purchase of one of our used units.

RVing provides a great deal of enjoyment to the traveler for so many reasons. When you vacation in a motorhome, you needn't bother with the hassles of traveling by air. No expensive tickets, no security lines, no delayed or cancelled flights, no paying extra for luggage, and no need for a rental car when you land. When you are traveling in an RV, you don't have to follow anyone's schedule, and there is ample room to carry anything you want to, including all of your luggage, bicycles and even a barbeque grill. There is a great deal of cargo space on the rear compartments of the unit.

Another advantage to RV travel is the lack of need for multiple hotel rooms. You don't have to sweat finding rooms that are located near your destination, and paying the high price (usually for more than one to accommodate your family) for them. Also, you don't need to wait until a certain time to check in, or hurry to check out. And most importantly, you can almost always park your RV practically right next to your destination, or even on the property of your destination, so there is no concern for traveling to and fro from the hotel, hoping for no bad traffic and a good parking place.

When you own an RV, gone are the fidgety behaviors of the passengers (mostly kids), as they have plenty of room to enjoy the trip. They can either stretch out and relax, or take in the generous views from the windows of the coach. In addition, the stops for food can be eliminated, as there is a refrigerator and plenty of room for snacks. The restroom situation is much nicer than being forced to use unsanitary gas station facilities, making those urgent moments a thing of the past.

If you have found that it's incredibly expensive to feed you family each mealtime because you have to eat in restaurants, you will love the fact that each of the motorhomes we rent or sell has a complete kitchen. You can make your meals in the RV, or you may choose to grill your meals outdoors. Either way, it's much more economical than eating out every meal.

Owning an RV allows you the freedom to travel through Canada at your own pace. Cruise Canada RV dealers can help you find the late model RV that's right for you at an affordable price. Save thousands by purchasing from Cruise Canada. You can view our Calgary motorhome sales inventory today … and save big!

2980 26th St., Northeast
Calgary, Alberta, T1Y6R7